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My work scratches the human itch to create narratives. I present the viewer with elements of a story  - a flat-pack of component parts - and challenge them to assemble things.


I take the viewer to spaces at the edge of our perception where things appear in a state of flux. Desolate, architectural nightscapes, moth-eaten urban structures: places that are waiting.


Drawing from ancient history, and classical and modern literature, I put facts and fiction on show, like circus exhibits. Presenting the familiar a few degrees off where it should be.


Exotic creatures in domestic settings; succulent micro-landscapes; a picnic spot overlooking the abyss. These are postcards of the uncanny.


I invite the viewer to construct their own stories, withholding any narrative conclusion and sending them back to confront their calculations.


Once upon a time . . . once upon a time . . . ad infinitum.

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